Car Accident Injury & Chiropractic Care in Bradenton, FL

Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch or Sarasota Car Accident Injury 

If you have been involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident in the Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, or Sarasota area, you should seek a medical evaluation from an Auto Accident Chiropractor immediately.

At Harborside Chiropractic, we understand how emotionally and physically traumatic a car accident can truly be. If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident, our car accident chiropractor, Dr. Stephanie Murphree, in Lakewood Ranch is here to help you recover from whiplash, neck pain, low back pain and many more personal injuries as a result from a car accident.

 Auto injuries can be very traumatic to the spine. Car accidents can cause severe whiplash injuries, neck pain, back pain, headaches and a number of other injuries. Chiropractic care is essential immediately following a car accident, to ensure optimal effectiveness for recovery.

Whiplash injuries can lead to lifelong neck pain and neurological effects that include disc herniations, numbness and tingling in the hands, and chronic back pain. This is why it is important to seek a full medical evaluation after experiencing an Auto Accident, even if you do not experience symptoms right away.

You are in good hands at Harborside Chiropractic- Our focus is to relieve pain from our Auto Accident Patients so they can get back to their daily activities of life without suffering from whiplash, neck pain and other injuries associated with car accidents.

We have worked with a number of patients who have sustained severe whiplash injuries as a result of motor vehicle accidents at Harborside Chiropractic in Lakewood Ranch. Our car accident chiropractor, Dr. Stephanie Murphree, has worked with many car crash patients in the Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton and Sarasota areas.

Our Car Accident Chiropractor, Dr. Stephanie Murphree, is the best choice for treating injuries, as a result from a motor vehicle accident, because she specializes in identifying and treating soft tissue and spinal injuries naturally and safely. Auto accident chiropractors find the root cause of the problem and treat the direct source, rather than temporarily masking the pain and avoiding the real cause of your auto accident injuries. Harborside Chiropractic is your whiplash doctor for Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton and Sarasota areas!

Our Approach

At Harborside Chiropractic in Lakewood Ranch, we begin our process with a comprehensive history of the car accident and a full Chiropractic examination to determine the root cause of your injuries. Our Chiropractic examination may include a nervous system scan, diagnostic imaging and a full spinal assessment. It is important to receive treatment immediately following the motor vehicle accident, to ensure optimal recovery and results. Harborside Chiropractic offers highly effective treatment for whiplash injuries in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

What If I Don’t Feel Injured?

 Many individuals who experience a car accident in Lakewood Ranch do not feel pain immediately after the car crash. This is typically due to the large amount of adrenaline that is released immediately after severe trauma.

While adrenaline can give you a false sense of hope, many times car accident victims feel an immense amount of spinal pain days or weeks following the motor vehicle accident. You may be severely injured, which is why it is highly recommended to seek medical attention after an accident. In the state of Florida, you have 14 days to seek medical attention before forfeiting your auto accident coverage. This could complicate your treatment process and become very costly to you if not taken care of immediately following the car crash.

 Auto Accident Chiropractors specialize in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries of the spine, such as whiplash injuries and trauma to the spine. So, no matter what your condition is you may be dealing with, your Chiropractor may be your best bet at diagnosing and treating it.


How Much Do Car Accident Doctors Charge Patients?

Individuals injured in car crashes, that they did not cause, should never have to pay out of pocket. Our experienced and professional auto accident team works diligently to ensure that our patients never have to pay out-of-pocket for their Auto Accident Injury Medical Treatment. Contact our office today for any questions regarding treatment for your Car Accident in Lakewood Ranch.

Our Team

It is Harborside Chiropractic’s mission to help car accident victims in the Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton and Sarasota areas.

Harborside Chiropractic- Lakewood Ranch works with a highly experienced and professional team of Personal Injury Attorneys and highly trained Medical Doctors to help you through this difficult time. If you would like to learn more about how our Lakewood Ranch Auto Accident team can help you, contact us today!

Harborside Chiropractic is your Car Accident Experts in Lakewood Ranch, to help you through this difficult process.

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