Dr. Steph's Story

I would love to say that my birth was this beautiful, remarkable experience... but it wasn’t. My birth resulted in many interventions which lead to a Cesarean Section (C-Section). I was disappointed in myself because I felt that I had done everything imaginably possible to prevent the surgery. However, when I later found out about how chiropractic works by aligning the pelvis to allow a baby the most comfortable position for birth, I felt some reassurance that I did everything I could at the time before knowing chiropractic. This sparked my passion for working with pregnant mothers. I cannot stress the importance of taking charge of your birth plan and feeling confident with those decisions.

My son had his first ear infection at nine-months old. After multiple ear infections and multiple rounds of antibiotics, I was informed by my pediatrician that one more ear infection would mean ear tube surgery. A good friend of mine at the time had suggested that I take him to a chiropractor and so I did. The results were remarkable. Shortly after, I enrolled in chiropractic school myself. I was astonished at how it changed our lives and I knew I was ready to share what I had learned with the rest of the world! Any time my son complained of ear pain, I would get him adjusted and his symptoms would subside within twenty-four hours.

As I continued my education in Chiropractic school, I learned how traumatic child birth is for newborns. I learned that babies withstand anywhere from 70 to 90 pounds of pressure during the child birth process. My professors explained how the pulling of the baby’s head, out of the vaginal canal, can cause the top bone in the neck to misalign, or subluxate, causing pressure on the nerves going to the head which can later lead to ear infections, sinus problems, allergies, and many more symptoms as our children grow.

I couldn’t believe what I had just learned. It all made so much sense to me. I finally had the answers that I had been looking for and continued having my child adjusted regularly to maintain the progress we had made in his spine.

As my son grew older, he began playing sports and had many falls. One day after soccer practice, he began having trouble breathing. As any mother would, I panicked but I also now knew what chiropractic had done for me and had faith that an adjustment would allow his body to heal the way that it was meant to... so straight to the chiropractor we went! Within 10-minutes of his adjustments his breathing began to normalize. Within 30-minutes he was completely back to normal.

Months after he began playing another sport, he had two-more of these episodes. After I had him adjusted, his symptoms subsided each time. He is now symptoms free!

I don’t think chiropractic works, I KNOW that it works. Our lives changed with regular chiropractic adjustments.

My mission now is to share my story with my community and help reach out to parents who may be in the same shoes that I was once in. There are answers to your child’s health conditions. The nervous system holds the key to the body’s natural ability to heal itself, it just needs no interference. My job as a chiropractor is to remove this interference by aligning the spine.

Don’t lose hope mommas! There is an answer!

-Dr. Steph